Wood Fuel Pellet Binder™

If you're not using Pellet Binder™ — You're wasting your time!


If youíre having a hard time making quality pellets, hereís your answer:

At an inclusion rate of $25 per ton, itís very inexpensive, increases your production because it contains corn oils, and stores easily!  Make Your Own Pellets, LLC recommends a binder made specifically for smaller residential pellet mills.  Pellet Binder activates at much lower temps.  This allows smaller mills, which generate much less heat than their large counterparts, to make a commercial grade pellet, and increase productivity.  Pellets made with Pellet Binder come out hard with a shiny outer shell.  Less fines means more useful pellets at the bottom of the bag.

There is no other product capable of making a better wood pellet than Pellet Binder™

Low Inclusion Recommended 25 lbs. per ton.

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Sold in 50lb bags for just $49.99!  (plus shipping)
If would you like a shipping quote to CANADA or ALASKA email us at Jeff.Ide@makeyourownpellets.com

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